The ARTIST: A Modern Film With A Classic Twist

Coming up with an opening topic was rather difficult at first, as there are countless avenues that I want to explore.  However, I felt that discussing a modern film that I was astounded by would be a good way to begin.  The movie I am referring to is “The Artist”.


The two key players were Jean Dujardin (who encompassed the role of film icon turned into the figure of desperation George Valentin) and Bérénice Bejo (who enchanted the audience in the role of the sweet-tempered star struck girl who makes her dreams come true).  In essence, it brings to life the lost art of silent film making while introducing moments of modern sound.


In a way, The Artist borrows the central concepts from both “Singin’ in the Rain” and “A Star is Born”.  It follows the struggles to adapt to the incorporation of sound into filmmaking.  In actuality, this even ended the real life careers of several actual silent cinema star including John Gilbert and Mabel Normand.  Another interesting aspect that is apparent is the concept that as one star rises, another fades.  As George’s icon status begins to rapidly disintegrate, Peppy has one success after another as she continues to win over a new generation of movie viewers.


There are moments of comic release that are expertly intertwined with the drama that is coming to life on the screen.  It is definitely a film that any classic film lover should see, if only to see some of the parallels between itself and classics from the past.  I found the film to be captivating, powerful and all around a well produced picture.

However, It is evident that not all people share my feelings for this picture.  A few days ago, an article was run via in which Kim Novak vehemently opposes the film, stating that Bernard Herrmann directly took the parts of the musical score from her film “Vertigo” and implemented it into this film.  The full story can be viewed in this clip.

This just goes to show that no one film is going to please everyone.  However, it will remain one of my favorite modern pictures for quite some time.


I will close with an intriguing quote by the infamous man who directed the previously discussed “Vertigo.”

“Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms.” -Alfred Hitchcock


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