Trio from Film Noir History

Reference: upcoming April will mark the third annual TCM Classic Film Festival.  Information regarding which stars will be appearing has been slow to come, but this week several names were given.  An excerpt from the TCM site states, “The central theme of the 2012 edition of the TCM Classic Film Festival will be a celebration of style in the movies, from fashion to architecture to production design. The theme will touch on both the influence that movies have on popular styles and the impact that current trends have on the movies. Whether it’s the look of a film’s sets, costumes, title design or movie poster, this theme will put the Hollywood aesthetic in whole new light.”  Many of the films that are going to be presented fall under the genre of film noir.  Three of the leading ladies of countless films from this genre will be at the festival to introduce different movies.  The ladies I am referring to are none other than Rhonda Fleming, Peggy Cummins, and Marsha Hunt.

Rhonda Fleming was an extraordinary beauty who made more than forty films during her career.  She came to be referred to as the “Queen of Technicolor,” as her fair complexion and hair color made her stand apart from the rest.  Born in 1923, Rhonda will be attending the festival and the age of eighty-eight.  Some of her most well known films include:  “Out of the Past,” “The Big Circus,” “Spellbound,” and “The Eagle and the Hawk.”


Peggy Cummins is another stunning actress who was born in Wales.  She became an instant success in American films when she was recruited by Daryl F. Zanuck to come and star in a film that 20th Century Fox was going to be producing.  Being born in 1925, she will be attending the festival at the age of 86.  Some of her most notable films are,”Gun Crazy,” “Night of the Demon,” and “Meet Mr. Lucifer.”


Marsha Hunt will be the oldest of the three attendees, being 94 years old.  This actress has quite the extensive film record.  She will be introducing the film “Raw Deal,” in which she starred.  That film in particular is always referred to as one of the best film noir pictures.  Sadly, during the McCarthy era, she ended up on the black list, severally impeding her ability to find and complete work.  In the eight years following being placed on that list, she only appeared in three movies.  Luckily due to her enduring spirit, she was eventually asked to appear in films on a more regular basis.  Other notable films of her include, “Mary Ryan, Detective,” “Smash-Up:  The Story of a Woman,” and “Diplomatic Passport.”


I for one, cannot wait to be a part of the festivities for the second year in a row.  Hopefully, I will come back with additional knowledge that I can share with you all on here!


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