Rita Hayworth on the Station

reference:  http://blog.urbanoutfitters.com/files/RitaHayworth1.jpg

Sensitive, shy–of course I was. The fun of acting is to become someone else.”  This quote was spoken by Rita Hayworth, the ‘Love Godess,’ of the 1940s.  After some searching into some poetry, I came across this intriguing piece of literary work.  Not only does Rita appear as a contextual character within this piece, but so does Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn and of course, the iconic Humphrey Bogart.  According to the site where I found this, it was written for an experimental poetry site, so unfortunately I cannot give the author their credit.  Despite that, enjoy this unique poem highlighting iconic classic cinema stars.

At the station


Standing idling till the train comes

That will take me home

I look across

At the other side

Where a train has just stopped

Disgorging the young whose day beings as mine ends

Crowding into town in their lemming-like rush

To drink

To dance

To find in a brief fumble up against a wall

The closest they will come to transcendence

But they don’t think of transcendence

So taken up are they in the moment and themselves

That they see their scrawny bodies eroticism far exceeding Rita Hayworth

In their dull couplings a flame to outdo Bogie and Bacall

Or at least they would if they knew their names

So arrogant

So certain is youth

That they cannot see that to a jaded man

Of not quite middle age

The memory image of Rita Hayworth’s body

Her Face

Her lips

Her all powerful breasts

Might rival and even overpower their over exposed charms

Such is youth

And so was I when young

But I fear for them

For when they are like me

Not quite old and not quite young

With no Rita no Lauren or Katharine

Who will they have to bring some cheer into the greyness of everyday

We have left behind the era of gods

Bequeathing to our children a world we made without them

We thought that godlessness was better

But without the gods can there be a soul

Reference:  http://www.katharinehepburntheater.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/bacall-bogey-hepburn1.jpg


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