“How Cary Grant Took Hollywood”

Reference:  http://www.leninimports.com/cary_grant_new_2a.jpg

The knowledge that other people have regarding classic cinema and its stars continues to inspire awe within me.  There are countless individuals who dedicate a great deal of time and energy to bringing important information and tales to new generations.  New media has provided the perfect avenue for this.  Now, people can take to the internet to share pieces of cinema history, that otherwise would be lost.  One of the ways that this is done, is through the use of providing texts from intriguing articles, from hard to find magazines.  While I have a vast collection of Photoplay magazines, other terrific movie magazines exist.  Thanks to a wonderful site that I stumbled upon, I can share this article about Cary Grant with you.  If you would like to view other articles on this star among stars, go this website:  www.carygrant.net.  Here, they are continuing to update and archive as many worthy articles on this film icon as possible.  It is a wonderfully informative site, that will impress you beyond your expectations.

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