Hollywood has Gone to the Dogs

I cannot believe that close to a month has passed since I last posted to my site.  That is highly uncharacteristic for me.  Summer seemed to fly by this year, and was filled with numerous bouts of out-of-town company, in addition to several unexpected events.  If you are like me, then the pets that you have become part of the family.  You don’t view them solely as animals, but rather as an extensive of your household.  My house is never quiet as I have two Airedale Terriers and one Cavachon (though she thinks that she is a big dog).  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, my eldest Airedale, Maggie, became very ill.  It was told to us that the vet suspected her kidneys had begun to shut down and that there was little more they could do for us at our local vet.  That was an incredibly painful day for us as we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the loss of our ten-year old dog.  Towards the end of the day, our vet decided to try one last thing which required referring Maggie to a Vet Hospital that had around-the-clock care.  They took fabulous care of her, as she spent several days in their ICU.  With each passing day at the facility, she regained small signs of her old spunky attitude.  For the first time that we discovered she was ill, we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel.  After countless tests and hours of worry, the emergency vet believed that they had an answer to what had caused the ominous kidney values.

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The Best Comedies Come with Unexpected Titles

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When people hear that I love classic movies, they ask me what my favorite film of all time is.  For anyone who is a classic cinema lover, you know that it is not a simple question.  A person’s mind begins to reel as they recount which movies have left a lasting impression on them.  One then must mull over which genre they must pick from in addition to a specific era.  Movies that existed from a pre-code era are drastically different that films created in the 1940s.  Even when I have it limited to a specific genre, I always end up having a top three or five.  It is impossible for me to pick one quintessential BEST film.  One pattern I have come across is that lesser known films can be the greatest gems.  Everyone has heard of the film Some Like it Hot, but few have heard of We’re No Angels (1955) and It All Came True (two incredibly well-done comedies).  Therefore, I am going to talk about some of my personal favorite classic comedies of all time.

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Trio from Film Noir History

Reference:  http://a.images.blip.tv/Felixxx999-RawDeal1948167.jpgThis upcoming April will mark the third annual TCM Classic Film Festival.  Information regarding which stars will be appearing has been slow to come, but this week several names were given.  An excerpt from the TCM site states, “The central theme of the 2012 edition of the TCM Classic Film Festival will be a celebration of style in the movies, from fashion to architecture to production design. The theme will touch on both the influence that movies have on popular styles and the impact that current trends have on the movies. Whether it’s the look of a film’s sets, costumes, title design or movie poster, this theme will put the Hollywood aesthetic in whole new light.”  Many of the films that are going to be presented fall under the genre of film noir.  Three of the leading ladies of countless films from this genre will be at the festival to introduce different movies.  The ladies I am referring to are none other than Rhonda Fleming, Peggy Cummins, and Marsha Hunt.

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Chemistry of Film Noir Couples


Film noir is a genre possessing a rather vague physical description.  This is due to the fact that it is hard to formulate words for a specific feeling that is generated.  Generally, it can be characterized as having a dark, mysterious plot, often involving a narrator, femme fatale and obvious sexual tension.  When these elements are combined artfully, it creates an atmosphere that is filled with suspense, drama and emotion.  The men and women who star in these films, often bring the depths of their characters to life, showing the flaws that exist within human nature.

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