The Article that Disclosed Secret Affairs

Reference: article by Photoplay magazine in 1938, altered the course of life for many of the Hollywood elite.  During the ’30s, it was considered a scandal to be living with your partner while remaining unmarried.  Many of the actors from this time period, however, paid no mind to this traditional value.  When this article was published, many of the noted stars obtained a quick marriage.  This included Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and several otherwise.  Due to the morals clause that was instituted in many of their contracts, if the situation was not ‘rendered,’ their contract could be voided, therefore resulting in being dropped from their home studio.  The public wanted their idols to be above reproach and in possession of a high moral code. This living arrangement demonstrated to the population that they did not have these qualities.

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What Were the Stars Doing in 1931?

I stumbled upon a rather intriguing article in the December 1931 issue of Photoplay, entitled, “News and Gossip of All the Studios.”  Essentially, it is multiple pages of the latest gossip and action taken by some of Hollywood’s notables.  While some of the blurbs appear dull or refer to individuals that I know nothing of, others are quite entertaining.  I will share a few of them in this post.  Enjoy!

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‘Slanguage’ For the Ages


With each passing year, the creation of new and vivid slang terms evolves.  Now, there are even entire dictionaries that can be purchased on this subject.  However, the prolific use of slang words is not something new.  In the December 1931 issue of “Screen Play” there is an intriguing article written by Rosalind Shepard that explores this very topic, entitled “Slanguage of the Stars.”  Personally, I find the prospect of hearing some of the most glamorous figures of their time using this form of language rather entertaining.

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