“Behind the Scenes with Jean and Clark”

Reference::  http://www.classichollywoodbios.com/Images/Jean%20Harlow%20Images/J.%20Harlow%20-%20Saratoga%20(1937).jpg.jpg

While paging through a Photoplay magazine from 1933, I came across a truly fascinating article by Anita Loos.  Harlow and Gable made several movies together during her short career.  When they appeared on screen together, they were absolutely electrifying:  the chemistry, undeniable.  Yet off-screen, there were no romantics involved.  They found a kindred spirit in each other, as they both held the heavy burden of being the ultimate ‘sex symbols’ of the time.  They formed an unbreakable bond, always looking out for the other one.  It was a friendship that would last until  the end of Harlow’s days.

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