Stars, Stripes and Pride

Reference: people anticipate the Fourth of July, they look forward to certain traditions.  Time off from work, firework displays, drinking with friends, spending time on the lakes…..essentially concerning themselves with elements that culminate into creating a memorable day.  However, few people take the time to realize the significance that this day brings to our lives.  It is a day to recognize the sacrifice that thousands have made to maintain our freedom as a country that was achieved on this day, so very many years ago.  Rather than thinking about all of the exciting and fun-filled activities ahead of us in the upcoming days, let’s take a moment to remember why this day is important.  Consider what is truly means to be a country that prizes freedom over all else.  Remember those who have fought and given their lives to preserve this country’s freedom.  Pride yourself on all the values that being an American truly embodies.  Don’t lose sight of the history and true meaning behind this monumental day.  To further this point, here is a wonderful poem I came across by Roger Robicheau titled, Americans in Strength.  Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day everyone!!!

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The Leading Ladies of Hollywood


When exploring film history and its contributors, it is hard to pick a favorite actor let alone actress.  The men and women of classic cinema bring such an array of talents and characteristics to the screen that it is hard to decipher which are the most meaningful. For me, each individual holds a special place in my heart for a very different reason.  The following will focus just on the actresses for right now.  Otherwise this entry would turn more into a novel than a blog 🙂

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