Watching Classic Films Through Different Eyes

Reference:, we forget how much we love to do the little things in life that make us happy.  My last two months have been consumed by non-stop nursing clinicals, courses, exams and written assignments.  This has left me with minimal time to watch my favorite films in addition to posting on my blog.  I decided it was time to make this a priority alongside nursing school, as it serves as a great stress relief.  As my two biggest passions are nursing and classic movies, I decided to incorporate both aspects into this post.

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Edith Head: The Definition of a Fashion Icon

Reference: name, Edith Head is synonymous with the ideals of classic Hollywood glamour.  She created some of the most breathtaking costumes that ever graced the big screen.  For decades, she was one of the most sought after designers in the land of film.  This innovative and dedicated woman created outfits that remain unsurpassed in the decades since her passing.  Drive and creativity allowed Edith to leave her make on an industry that she loved, and carved out a place for herself in film history.  Below is an article written in 2009 addressing the Edith Head film series regarding her costume collection that was being featured at the Museum of Fine Arts.  The article was written by Christopher Muther for the Boston Globe.  Though, this exhibition has concluded, the article itself features unique highlights of her illustrious career.  Following the article will be a select few of my personal favorites of the fashion genius….Miss Head.

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Where Have All the Gowns Gone?


While flipping through the pages of a Photoplay magazine from November of 1931, I stumbled across a rather intriguing article.  It was entitled, “What Becomes of the Clothes the Stars Wear on the Screen.”  Unlike today, the leading ladies of classic cinema were often encased in the most visually enchanting and alluring clothes that a person could ever dream of.  Studios made it a priority to dress their stars in the best, and make them appear as the epitome of class to the public.  However, where do all of these gowns go after they their purpose for a film has been carried out?  That is what this article seeks to explore.

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