Hollywood has Gone to the Dogs

I cannot believe that close to a month has passed since I last posted to my site.  That is highly uncharacteristic for me.  Summer seemed to fly by this year, and was filled with numerous bouts of out-of-town company, in addition to several unexpected events.  If you are like me, then the pets that you have become part of the family.  You don’t view them solely as animals, but rather as an extensive of your household.  My house is never quiet as I have two Airedale Terriers and one Cavachon (though she thinks that she is a big dog).  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, my eldest Airedale, Maggie, became very ill.  It was told to us that the vet suspected her kidneys had begun to shut down and that there was little more they could do for us at our local vet.  That was an incredibly painful day for us as we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the loss of our ten-year old dog.  Towards the end of the day, our vet decided to try one last thing which required referring Maggie to a Vet Hospital that had around-the-clock care.  They took fabulous care of her, as she spent several days in their ICU.  With each passing day at the facility, she regained small signs of her old spunky attitude.  For the first time that we discovered she was ill, we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel.  After countless tests and hours of worry, the emergency vet believed that they had an answer to what had caused the ominous kidney values.

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It’s A Wonderful Birthday: Jimmy Stewart!

Reference:  http://static.tumblr.com/aksgchb/63Wm3j4mo/jimmy_stewart_04.jpgMost fans of classic cinema have a particular star that strikes a fancy within them.  It can be due to many factors, some more obvious than others.  Jimmy Stewart was one man whom millions worldwide related to.  In his younger years, he came across as the boy next door.  A guy who possessed handsome all-American ideals, without being so good-looking that he was placed on a pedestal.  On film, he made each and every one of the characters that he portrayed relatable to the masses.  One did not have to be a film critic to recognize that he put his heart into his performances. While many men and women in Hollywood during this time were constantly changing their romantic partners, Jimmy found his life partner, Gloria McLean.  When World War II broke out, he never second guessed his choice to join the ranks of military flier.  His career came second to the passion that he felt for his country.  During his long and illustrious career, Jimmy made movies that touched, and brought laughter to millions of people across the world.  It’s a Wonderful Life has become a quintessential Christmas tradition, while movies like Vertigo and Rear Window remain two Alfred Hitchcock’s most beloved film creations.  Today marks the date of Jimmy’s birth, so this is my small tribute to a great man.

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Jean Harlow, “Hell’s Angel”

Reference:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Harlow_still.jpg

Every once in a  while, as I page through an old Photoplay magazine, an article stands out from the rest.  This was definitely the case regarding the following piece of writing.  It is titled, “Spyglass on Jean Harlow, Also Known as Hell’s Angel.”  It is an entertaining article that was written to give the reader a look at the goofy side of Harlow.  The following was published in the 1931 edition of the magazine.  It is fascinating and quirky, while conveying a unique style of writing.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Valentine’s Day With Lucille Ball

Reference:  http://media.photobucket.com/image/Lucille%20Ball%20Heart/JAIMEDANCE3/BIRTHDAYS%2520AND%2520MORE/LUCYANDDESI.jpgHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!  As today is a special day, I am going to do a very different styled post than I normally do.  It is going to be a simple posting with pictures of some other celebrities who are posing for what very well could be V-day pictures.  Here is a collection of photos that I was able to discover in order to commemorate today.  Enjoy!





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“Behind the Scenes with Jean and Clark”

Reference::  http://www.classichollywoodbios.com/Images/Jean%20Harlow%20Images/J.%20Harlow%20-%20Saratoga%20(1937).jpg.jpg

While paging through a Photoplay magazine from 1933, I came across a truly fascinating article by Anita Loos.  Harlow and Gable made several movies together during her short career.  When they appeared on screen together, they were absolutely electrifying:  the chemistry, undeniable.  Yet off-screen, there were no romantics involved.  They found a kindred spirit in each other, as they both held the heavy burden of being the ultimate ‘sex symbols’ of the time.  They formed an unbreakable bond, always looking out for the other one.  It was a friendship that would last until  the end of Harlow’s days.

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The Article that Disclosed Secret Affairs

Reference:  http://www.blackinformant.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/shhh-2.jpgAn article by Photoplay magazine in 1938, altered the course of life for many of the Hollywood elite.  During the ’30s, it was considered a scandal to be living with your partner while remaining unmarried.  Many of the actors from this time period, however, paid no mind to this traditional value.  When this article was published, many of the noted stars obtained a quick marriage.  This included Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck and several otherwise.  Due to the morals clause that was instituted in many of their contracts, if the situation was not ‘rendered,’ their contract could be voided, therefore resulting in being dropped from their home studio.  The public wanted their idols to be above reproach and in possession of a high moral code. This living arrangement demonstrated to the population that they did not have these qualities.

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What Were the Stars Doing in 1931?


I stumbled upon a rather intriguing article in the December 1931 issue of Photoplay, entitled, “News and Gossip of All the Studios.”  Essentially, it is multiple pages of the latest gossip and action taken by some of Hollywood’s notables.  While some of the blurbs appear dull or refer to individuals that I know nothing of, others are quite entertaining.  I will share a few of them in this post.  Enjoy!

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