Olympians and their Roles in Classic Cinema

Reference:  http://prisonphotography.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/csrcl_026.jpg

When the opening ceremonies commenced, I knew my next two weeks would be consumed by watching the 2012 Olympics.  These skilled and talented athletes inspire the entire gamut of emotions from the viewers.  From admiration and national pride, the public becomes engrossed in the latest medal counts along with the triumphs and  tribulations of their favorite Olympians.  Nowadays, many of the top athletes in their field grace the covers of magazines, have photo shoots and endorse specific product brands.  They become celebrities in their own right.  It seems that Olympians gaining notice from Hollywood is nothing new.  While reading up on the current games I came across a fascinating article from the Los Angeles Time.  Susan King composed, Olympic Champions Have a History with Hollywood, which brought to light the prestigious athletic backgrounds of three classic cinema stars from the 1930’s.

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