Hollywood has Gone to the Dogs

I cannot believe that close to a month has passed since I last posted to my site.  That is highly uncharacteristic for me.  Summer seemed to fly by this year, and was filled with numerous bouts of out-of-town company, in addition to several unexpected events.  If you are like me, then the pets that you have become part of the family.  You don’t view them solely as animals, but rather as an extensive of your household.  My house is never quiet as I have two Airedale Terriers and one Cavachon (though she thinks that she is a big dog).  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, my eldest Airedale, Maggie, became very ill.  It was told to us that the vet suspected her kidneys had begun to shut down and that there was little more they could do for us at our local vet.  That was an incredibly painful day for us as we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the loss of our ten-year old dog.  Towards the end of the day, our vet decided to try one last thing which required referring Maggie to a Vet Hospital that had around-the-clock care.  They took fabulous care of her, as she spent several days in their ICU.  With each passing day at the facility, she regained small signs of her old spunky attitude.  For the first time that we discovered she was ill, we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel.  After countless tests and hours of worry, the emergency vet believed that they had an answer to what had caused the ominous kidney values.

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In Tribute to Memorial Day

Reference:  http://www.metuchenmatters.com/4f023c6326d60.jpg

“Although no sculptured marble should rise to their memory, nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet will their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored,” Daniel Webster.  Many times during our lives, we lose sight of the ‘big picture,’ events within our lives.  Memorial Day is not an exception.  In the weeks leading up to this holiday weekend, how many advertisements did you witness directed toward the desires of the consumer?  Everywhere a person looked, there were announcements for department, liquor and food stores.  Never once during this period of time did I experience an ad illustrating the true meaning of this day.  Nor did I see anything illustrating one explicit message that Memorial Day should represent…….freedom never comes free.  We owe all our freedoms to men and women, past and present who gave up everything for their love and belief in the country.  I came across an article this afternoon discussing certain little known facts about this holiday in particular.  Beyond the Barbecues, by Samantha Grossman which appeared on Time NewsFeed.  The contents of the article are listed below.  Following this, are photographs of cinema icons that, when the time came, they out their occupations second and country first.

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The Ugly Side of Beauty


One of the most essential components of classic hollywood can be summed up in one word:  Glamour.  Many of the men and women who possessed the big screen appeared almost supra-human onscreen.  They were gods and goddesses that walked among us.  Flaw-less complexions, perfect make-up, hair styles that never fell out of place (never a bad hair-day in the lot), wardrobes fit for kings and queens, and a certain elegance that made them appear all the more ‘perfect.’  However, many of these stars had to go through painful and unpleasant practices in order to maintain the ideal screen presence.

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The Leading Ladies of Hollywood


When exploring film history and its contributors, it is hard to pick a favorite actor let alone actress.  The men and women of classic cinema bring such an array of talents and characteristics to the screen that it is hard to decipher which are the most meaningful. For me, each individual holds a special place in my heart for a very different reason.  The following will focus just on the actresses for right now.  Otherwise this entry would turn more into a novel than a blog 🙂

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