Watching Classic Films Through Different Eyes

Reference:, we forget how much we love to do the little things in life that make us happy.  My last two months have been consumed by non-stop nursing clinicals, courses, exams and written assignments.  This has left me with minimal time to watch my favorite films in addition to posting on my blog.  I decided it was time to make this a priority alongside nursing school, as it serves as a great stress relief.  As my two biggest passions are nursing and classic movies, I decided to incorporate both aspects into this post.

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The Movie Star Within Lucille Ball


Lucille Ball is most often associated with her contributions to television.  From I Love Lucy to The Lucy Show, she brought merriment and laughter into the homes of millions.  However, many people forget that she starred in countless movies, prior to her entrance into the new medium of T.V.  Granted most of the films were considered “B” pictures, the majority of them are entertaining and show a very different side to Lucy that we did not always get to see with her shows.  While many of her films were comedies, there were several dramas interspersed as well.  The emotional ranges that she possessed was astounding.  If you have the chance to see some of her film work, I strongly recommend it.  This post will show pictures of Lucy in her various film roles, and will demonstrate her evolution into America’s favorite red-head!

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