Couples who Inspire, nursing school has kept me so busy that I have had very little time to blog.  It is hard to believe that I am finally in the home stretch, with about two months of school left.  On top of all the excitement of soon being able to become a RN, a very special event took place in my life a few weeks ago.  On March 1, my best friend and the most amazing person I know asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  I was completely taken by surprise with the proposal, and it was perfect in every sense of the word.  That was my inspiration for this post.  In the Golden Era of Hollywood, much like today, there were few marriages that lasted a lifetime.  The first few couples depicted are those who spend their whole lives together creating countless memories.  The last few, happen to be some of my favorite Hollywood romances, that were cut too short, but who had enough love in them to last a lifetime. Continue reading

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Prayers for Newtown, Connecticut


I was in the middle of studying for my nursing final, when I heard the devastating news.  Having spent much of my childhood growing up in Connecticut, this incident hit very close to home.  No words can express the horror and disgust that I felt and continue to feel as the details of this travesty continue to emerge.  This post will be short and simple.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and children impacted by this display of truly incomprehensible evil.  Make sure that you give your loved ones an extra hug today and tell them how much they mean to you.  This is an unfortunate example of how truly short and precious life is.  It is also a sad reminder that mass shootings are becoming an all too familiar occurrence in our society today.  Please join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to those directly affected by the shooting, as I cannot fathom the grief that they are experiencing.   A quote that I came across tonight could not have expressed my sentiments any better, “The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight.”

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Watching Classic Films Through Different Eyes

Reference:, we forget how much we love to do the little things in life that make us happy.  My last two months have been consumed by non-stop nursing clinicals, courses, exams and written assignments.  This has left me with minimal time to watch my favorite films in addition to posting on my blog.  I decided it was time to make this a priority alongside nursing school, as it serves as a great stress relief.  As my two biggest passions are nursing and classic movies, I decided to incorporate both aspects into this post.

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Hollywood has Gone to the Dogs

I cannot believe that close to a month has passed since I last posted to my site.  That is highly uncharacteristic for me.  Summer seemed to fly by this year, and was filled with numerous bouts of out-of-town company, in addition to several unexpected events.  If you are like me, then the pets that you have become part of the family.  You don’t view them solely as animals, but rather as an extensive of your household.  My house is never quiet as I have two Airedale Terriers and one Cavachon (though she thinks that she is a big dog).  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, my eldest Airedale, Maggie, became very ill.  It was told to us that the vet suspected her kidneys had begun to shut down and that there was little more they could do for us at our local vet.  That was an incredibly painful day for us as we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the loss of our ten-year old dog.  Towards the end of the day, our vet decided to try one last thing which required referring Maggie to a Vet Hospital that had around-the-clock care.  They took fabulous care of her, as she spent several days in their ICU.  With each passing day at the facility, she regained small signs of her old spunky attitude.  For the first time that we discovered she was ill, we saw a small light at the end of the tunnel.  After countless tests and hours of worry, the emergency vet believed that they had an answer to what had caused the ominous kidney values.

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Olympians and their Roles in Classic Cinema


When the opening ceremonies commenced, I knew my next two weeks would be consumed by watching the 2012 Olympics.  These skilled and talented athletes inspire the entire gamut of emotions from the viewers.  From admiration and national pride, the public becomes engrossed in the latest medal counts along with the triumphs and  tribulations of their favorite Olympians.  Nowadays, many of the top athletes in their field grace the covers of magazines, have photo shoots and endorse specific product brands.  They become celebrities in their own right.  It seems that Olympians gaining notice from Hollywood is nothing new.  While reading up on the current games I came across a fascinating article from the Los Angeles Time.  Susan King composed, Olympic Champions Have a History with Hollywood, which brought to light the prestigious athletic backgrounds of three classic cinema stars from the 1930’s.

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Stars, Stripes and Pride

Reference: people anticipate the Fourth of July, they look forward to certain traditions.  Time off from work, firework displays, drinking with friends, spending time on the lakes…..essentially concerning themselves with elements that culminate into creating a memorable day.  However, few people take the time to realize the significance that this day brings to our lives.  It is a day to recognize the sacrifice that thousands have made to maintain our freedom as a country that was achieved on this day, so very many years ago.  Rather than thinking about all of the exciting and fun-filled activities ahead of us in the upcoming days, let’s take a moment to remember why this day is important.  Consider what is truly means to be a country that prizes freedom over all else.  Remember those who have fought and given their lives to preserve this country’s freedom.  Pride yourself on all the values that being an American truly embodies.  Don’t lose sight of the history and true meaning behind this monumental day.  To further this point, here is a wonderful poem I came across by Roger Robicheau titled, Americans in Strength.  Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day everyone!!!

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For the Love of Bogart


The people closest to me know that in my eyes, no male star shone brighter than that of Humphrey Bogart.  He may not have been the most handsome of his contemporaries, but he stood apart from them for many other reasons.  Bogie had a smile that could light up a room and a constant twinkle in his eye.  That low unique voice of his invaded the hearts of millions.  Whether playing gruff characters or romantic leads, he was able to captivate the attention and imagination of the viewer.  He was a man that men could relate to and women could fall in love with.  His allure was understated, yet evident to all those who saw his films.  A friend of mine came across a fantastic poem about Bogart this week.  I found it so unique and insightful I decided to include it here. The talented writer of this piece is Brian O’Connell, and the title is simple….Humphrey Bogart.  No more need be said for a man who iconic and needs little introduction.  In his words below, he captures the very essence and spirit that Bogart so naturally embodied.

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Poll for all the Lucille Ball Lovers

Reference: of the most beloved women of cinema and television history is the infamous Lucille Ball.  I know she has been one of my favorite leading ladies since I was a child.  In a way, I feel that I have grown up with her.  Even on my worst day, I know that I can put in any disc from the I Love Lucy series, and my troubles will immediately dissipate (even if it is only a short while).  I know that I am not the only person whom she has had the effect on.  While she is no longer on this earth with us, she continues to reside in our hearts.  With I Love Lucy episodes continuing to be present on cable stations, new generations are introduced to her old school charms.

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Mutual Roots in New York


Endicott, New York is a unique city in America.  It was formed by the blood and sweat of hard-working immigrants along with the innovative ideals of industrial democracy.  Endicott Johnson Shoes and IBM were two iconic organizations that were born in this area.  In addition to its rich history, it is the city my relatives have called home for generations.  It is where my parents met, and where I was born.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel back to this area this week to visit family members.  During my stay here, I watched a fascinating documentary that intrigued and reignited my pride in having been born in the great state of New York (not that I don’t love living in Minnesota, mind you).  Therefore, I am dedicating this post to some of the famous classic cinema icons that were born in New York.

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The Best Comedies Come with Unexpected Titles


When people hear that I love classic movies, they ask me what my favorite film of all time is.  For anyone who is a classic cinema lover, you know that it is not a simple question.  A person’s mind begins to reel as they recount which movies have left a lasting impression on them.  One then must mull over which genre they must pick from in addition to a specific era.  Movies that existed from a pre-code era are drastically different that films created in the 1940s.  Even when I have it limited to a specific genre, I always end up having a top three or five.  It is impossible for me to pick one quintessential BEST film.  One pattern I have come across is that lesser known films can be the greatest gems.  Everyone has heard of the film Some Like it Hot, but few have heard of We’re No Angels (1955) and It All Came True (two incredibly well-done comedies).  Therefore, I am going to talk about some of my personal favorite classic comedies of all time.

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